Muir Home Scent

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Muir Home Scent
  • Muir Home Scent

A rich home scent inspired by an autumn evening in West Marin. Smokey wood, bright citrus, deep rose and brined ocean. Reminiscent of warming cup of Lapsang souchong tea.


Ruby grapefruit + mandarin

Sea minerals + rose

Woodsmoke + moss

Spray 1-3 spritzes in an interior space. Take a moment, reflect on the day and get cozy for a transformative olfactory experience.

Golden light like a peach garden rose streams in from around the cliff. Smoke and ocean mist entangle in the cooling air. Friends toast with palomas, ruby grapefruit and tequila with a salted rim, in hand, warmed by a smoldering wood fire as the ocean waves crash and foam upon the dark shores of Muir Beach.